Bringing science to life, one Pop-U.P. lab at a time.

Located in Uttar Pradesh(U.P.) and established by CSBC’s UP Behavioural Insights Unit, the Pop-U.P. Lab is a critical infrastructure in CSBC's toolkit for providing empirical, evidence-based solutions to a wide range of policy problems.

Our approach

The lab utilises three primary pathways to ensure seamless testing of behaviorally-designed interventions with samples drawn from the population of interest.

  • As the name suggests, the lab pops up where there is access to desired respondents.
  • The lab is equipped with a suitable technological infrastructure that promotes mobility.
  • It has a highly trained field team that ensures accurate and consistent data collection.

To meet the research team's demands for specific respondent types, the Pop-U.P. Lab communicates with local authorities and establishes partnerships with local academic institutions. For example, the lab leveraged good relations with Anganwadi centres in Chiraigaon and Sewapuri Block, Varanasi, to conduct more than 1100 surveys on testing the role of confidence in enabling financial inclusion and the effectiveness of edutainment videos in increasing knowledge and intention regarding minimum diet diversity for children between 6-24 months of age. The Pop-U.P. Lab also popped up at the University of Lucknow, a highly esteemed public state university with which CSBC signed an official MoU, where it conducted an experiment on Human Behaviour and Climate Change to understand the relationship between underlying behavioural preferences and actual behaviour in the context of climate change among the student population.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technological equipment, the Pop-U.P. Lab can gather data in even the most remote locations. The inventory of tools includes 15 tablets, 16 phones, 9 mini-laptops, 9 smartwatches, and 25 headphones, which enables the lab to pop up in a variety of regions.

Our goal

Our Pop-U.P. lab aims to bring research out of the typical university setting and into the field where people live and work, bridging the gap between the community and scientific inquiry.

The team

The Pop-U.P. Lab's field team comprises highly experienced professionals. Narges Hajimoladarvish, a behavioural economist, is the Head of the Lab. Deepak Pradhan brings over 10 years of experience as a Research Manager in the field. Akhilesh Singh Butola, Field Manager, supports the Centre's work in UP. Sonika Singh and Vaibhav Kumar Gupta, supervise enumerators in the field and Keshav Kunal is a Research Assistant. With this highly experienced team, the lab ensures adherence to data collection protocols and high-quality data collection through extensive training and rigorous quality checks.

In Focus

Coaching the ultra-poor:

CSBC is designing and evaluating behaviourally-informed solutions to strengthen the coaching skills of the 4,000 frontline workers in the SJY programme led by JEEViKA. These workers support 200,000 ultra-poor families to graduate from extreme poverty through a livelihoods approach.

Driving Innovation for IFA Adherence:

The Uttar Pradesh Behavioural Insights Unit (UP BIU) has received a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to competitively select service providers/consortium of service providers that will design, pilot, and evaluate behavioural science interventions in the state to improve iron and folic acid (IFA) supplement uptake and adherence among women of reproductive age (WRA), including pregnant and lactating women, as well as adolescents (both in and out of school).