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  • Theme Health - Maternal and Child Health
  • Team State BIU (UP BIU)

Driving Innovation for IFA Adherence

The Uttar Pradesh Behavioural Insights Unit (UP BIU) has received a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to competitively select service providers/consortium of service providers that will design, pilot, and evaluate behavioural science interventions in the state to improve iron and folic acid (IFA) supplement uptake and adherence among (i) women in reproductive age (WRA), including pregnant and lactating women as well as (ii) adolescents (both in and out of school). The projects will run over a period of three years and will contribute toward the goal of "Anaemia Mukt Bharat". The interventions must be designed for scale-up through the government system in UP (this may include using digital platforms which are being piloted in the state).

Organisations interested in any aspect (design, implementation, or evaluation) should apply for this Request for Proposal (RfP), either individually or as a consortium. Where organisations apply individually, UP BIU will help in facilitating discussions for the consortium to form, where needed. In addition, it will support the dissemination of the project knowledge and research findings, for the government to consider for scale-up across the state. Further, the John Hopkins University will host a Learning Collaborative to facilitate learning across nutrition supplement adherence projects in Ethiopia, Nigeria and India.


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